Why Plan? / Risks

Most women with diabetes are aware that they should plan for pregnancy but, like Olivia, many women don't know why it is so important. Watch the next 2 clips to find out why it is important to plan. The first clip "Why plan?" introduces the first step to planning: getting that all important health check or M.O.T!


So, it seems you need to plan months in advance to have a better chance of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Why so? Well, by planning ahead you can make sure you are ready for pregnancy, giving yourself enough time to make important changes that will reduce the risks for you and your baby. So what are the risks, keep watching to find out more.


‘I got a scan and I was told the baby’s not going to survive—multiple abnormalities…I later found out, through my own research, that this was due to high blood sugars in early pregnancy. It’s…I never knew those sorts of things could happen.’ (Spence et al., 2010)


As you've heard having diabetes means that you and your baby have a greater chance of serious health problems. However, if you look after yourself these risks can be greatly reduced.

  • Plan ahead!

  • Have regular contact with your GP or Diabetes Care Team - they will help you to achieve tight blood glucose control before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of complications.

  • If you suspect you may already be pregnant, contact you GP or local Diabetes Care Team as soon as possible. Early contact is absolutely essential and can help improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.


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