Pre-pregnancy Checklist

Just as there are 9 months in a pregnancy there are 9 simple steps to prepare for that pregnancy. Watch this clip for the low down!


 Click on the image to downloaa printable checklist


*HbA1c values have been updated in the information below according to NICE Guidelines 2015 and may differ in the video links. 

  1. See your Diabtes Care Team &/your GP for referral to your specialist Pre-Pregnancy Care Team (link here)
  2. Control your Blood Glucose

What blood glucose targets do you think you should aim for when planning for pregnancy??

Before meals:

One hour after meals:

Ideal HbA1c value:

  1. Check your medication
  2. Start insulin injections (if type 2)
  3. Check your insulin
  4. Take folic acid

What dose of folic acid do you need?

  1. Eyes and Kidneys - get them checked!
  2. Look at your lifestyle
  3. Have you been vaccinated against rubella?

Don't forget your diabetes team is there to help. 
You won't be making these changes on your own!!


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