You don't need to go on a special diet just because you are pregnant, but a healthy diet can really help you control your diabetes.

Watch the following clip to hear more about good food choices, foods to avoid and other tips about managing your diet during pregnancy.



  • Choose a healthy, balanced diet. Ask your doctor or dietitian for help and advice. See the lists below for good food choices and foods to avoid!
  • Remember, you are at higher risk of hypoglycaemia during pregnancy and may need to snack more throughout the day. Choose healthy snacks such as yogurt and fruit.
Foods to avoid! Good Food Choices!
Liver Starchy Foods
Pate Fruit and Vegetables
Unpasteurised soft cheeses Dairy Products
Ready prepared salads Consider Vitamin Supplements!
Limit Caffeine Folic acid 5mg (very important!)

Vitamin D 10ug

Ask your doctor for a prescription.